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Posted 2016-04-19T07:18:39Z

The stage truss quality is very important

Stage trussing should be strictly tested before sell, in the pursuit of cheap and must pay attention to quality, after all, stage truss and performers, the audience's security is closely related.

The stage truss material is very important, not high quality material, it is difficult to make a high quality of stage truss, now most are aluminum alloy. The stage truss of the solder joints is also very important to ensure that the welded truss is durable and durable. At the same time, the mechanical structure of the force is required to ensure the stability and bearing of the stage. The size of the stage truss grasp, drilling precision grasp to be accurate, to ensure that the installation process does not occur in the dislocation, shift the situation. This also ensures the safety of the stage truss.

In short, buy stage truss must pass strict quality inspection, for apply to the stage, if you have any other questions, welcome to communicate with the stage manufacturer.

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