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Posted 2016-04-23T03:50:43Z

Choosing an outdoor stage for your event

When choosing an outdoor portable stage for your event, size is possible the most important factor. Many event organizers prefer a large stage for maximum visual impact, while other organizers need a stage to fit in a limited setup area. Ask yourself three questions:

1. How big do I want the stage to look?
2. How much stage space do I need?
3. Is there a limitation to the set up area?

If you are having a DJ performance, presentation, or demonstration on the outdoor concert stage you may want to the stage to look very large, but do not need much stage space. Width is more important than depth, so the most appropriate size stage is one that is very large in appearance and have plenty of space for banners, graphics, and screens. On the other hand, if you are having a large band, choir, or need space for vehicles etc, you will need a large stage surface-possibly with a corresponding overhead structure for lighting and audio.

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