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Posted 2016-04-26T06:42:46Z

A complete pipe and drape system

A whole pipe and drape system is usually called pipe and drape kits, a complete pipe and drape kits is composed of base, upright, crossbar and drape. Let the pipe and drape wholesale introduced one by one for you.
RK pipe and drape kits advantages:
1. Removable curtain telescopic device, this feature of our company in the R & D is different from the other company's products, exclusive. if there is a problem bowl and pipe, simply replace the pipe or bowl, without complete replacement, cost savings.
2. There are 2 marks on the upright, customers can choose the expansion accurate to a certain height, have the highest warning signs, safe and convenient.
3. There are regular size, special size can also be designed according to customer demand.
4. Curtain material with velvet, velour and chiffon.
5. General default EPE packaging, carton packaging plus tape, each containing 4-6 manifold, each pipe are separated by EPE, prevent extrusion deformation during transportation.

Used pipe and drape can have a huge effect on many occasions, more relevant knowledge, just click

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