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Posted 2016-05-03T07:01:04Z

The basic guarantee of stage construction effect

As a stage manufacturers, the stage building must be strictly in accordance with the technical specifications, which is the basic guarantee of stage construction effect. The specific operation steps are as follows:

First, according to the requirements of the bearing capacity of different specifications of the frame, to ensure safety. In order to meet the requirements of different heights, it is better to have a regulating device, which can adjust the original floor of the uneven and the formation of different mesa gap. And on the stage of the words, as far as possible the use of high-quality galvanized steel panel.

Secondly, through the design calculation to determine weight and production and with staging truss frame realize multi-function frame body, play the use of shelf implementation of arbitrary height requirement of indoor appearance. In addition, according to the situation around and frame height design and increasing weight, ensure the stability and safety of the folding stage.

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