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Posted 2016-05-06T09:44:05Z

Cable Ramp made of rubber materials

The Cable Ramp is a kind of rubber product which is similar to the traffic speed reduction belt. Made of rubber materials. In the middle of the aperture for laying cables, wires and protect vehicles from passing plate above the rolling and cable is not affected.

Usually suitable for outdoor concert stage, stage performances and other activities.
Forstage applications and outdoor cable installations
Robust hard rubber version(voltage, safety, pressure)
2 compartments for cables up to ? 60mm
Good insulation performance
Striking yellow cover, can be opened
Can be extended as desired due to connector system
Appearance is neat & beautiful, construction is simple and convenient
Load: 15-20t
Admissible ambient temperature: -35 °C to +65 °C
Dimensions: 1000 * 250 * 50mm (Standard size) / 850 * 900 * 158(Large size)

Cable ramp for sale, come to RK.

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