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Posted 2016-05-10T07:26:17Z

How to build a portable stage by yourself?

Nowadays, the portable stage is widely used everywhere, such as schools, museums, concerts and so on. Building a stage looks like very difficult. In fact, it can be very easy if you find the way. I will tell you how to build a portable stage by yourself following.

A portable stage is made of two parts--staging platforms and risers. What you need to prepare is these two kinds of things. Next, you have to design a portable stage. If you want to build a wedding stage, you should design a romantic stage. If you are going to hold a small show, you should design a big enough stage. Finally, what you have to do is assembling the stages.

RK is a company which focuses on audio&staging business for 14 years. It has its own factory and portable stages' copyright. If you want to build a portable stage, don't hesitate, welcome to our or our alibaba: Come and get the platforms and risers.We can design the stage for you too.

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