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Posted 2016-05-17T06:52:25Z

Stage manufacturers meet the needs of some special stage

In daily life, we can not avoid some relatively sudden or emergency situation, like urgent customer suddenly push for some project, such as a performance suddenly in advance, and the original stage construction time limit for a project and not able to complete. And then, in these special circumstances, how to solve it? As the famous stage truss manufacturers, Rk there are a variety of stage can solve your urgent, such as portable stage is a suitable choice.

Stage manufacturers need to meet the needs of some special stage, according to the requirements of modern market changes and the customers, production and supply of a high-quality portable smart stage, in addition to choose high quality steel, aluminum, exquisite quality on the stage, the stage can be compressed and folded, light weight, high strength, good hardness, easy to store and transport. The open after molding, suitable for all exhibitions, performances and other activities, greatly save the building stage time. Therefore, in addition to respond to emergency situations, more and more become normal performance.

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