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Posted 2016-05-25T07:38:09Z

Portable stage how to build fast and good?

Dance floor as a indoor professional floor, first of all, must ensure environmental protection. The association of dance actor with a dance floor, and ordinary people and the floorboard of the association are very different, a professional dancer need long time with dance floor contact in the dance room closed. In addition the dancers' movement, sweating body often with a portable dance floor have direct contact.

Therefore, the foot of the dance floor if it contains harmful substances, even if only a slight degree of release, it will bring more health hazards for the dancer.

PVC is a kind of environmentally friendly materials, commonly used to make baby bottles, water pipe, medical infusion bags, processing and installation process is natural does not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances of, which to the healthy dancers brought to ensure reliable health. In addition to the dance floor with advanced technology, environmental protection type high elastic material of PVC resin deformation capacity to maximize, make the PVC dance floor in all aspects are more reasonable, while accelerating the rotation energy, perfect the shock absorption protecting dancers from damage.

High quality environmentally friendly dance floor for sale in RK.

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