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Posted 2016-06-01T09:31:40Z

We’re Behind You At Every Stage

A Mobile Stage is the best solution for a cost effective, quick and easy set-up for outdoor events.

REASONS to step up in value and in step down in price of Mobile Stage:
1. More Cost Effective Than a Permanent Stage
All RK mobile stages offer you the flexibility to have performances in unlimited locations. Requiring only one or two persons for manpower, our mobile stages have the lowest surface impact of any mobile stage.
2. Easy To Tow, Easy To Set Up
The used portable stages is easily towed by a pickup truck. Just pull up, set up and let the show begin.
3. Big-Time Performance in Unlimited Locations
Our mobile stage have performance capability for outdoor events
4. Professional Appearance and Quality Manufacturing
All RK mobile Stages are designed and produced by self, high quality stages that ensures user safety, looks great and provides versatile and profitable opportunities for its owners.
5. Safety
All RK mobile stages pass regulatory certificate requirements.
6. Performers Love It
From local entertainers to national attractions, performers are enthusiastic about our lightweight, heavy duty mobile stages.
7. Add or Substitute Accessories
Every RK mobile stage gives you the ability to add or reconfigure your performance area as your needs arise.
8. Affordable
Not only RK portable folding stage stage easy to set up and maintain, it’s price to feature ratio is unbeatable in the industry. In just a few uses, RK Mobile Stage is well on the way to paying for itself – saving you time and money.
9. We’re Behind You At Every Stage
The professionals at RK go the extra mile. Parts and workmanship are warranted to ensure your complete satisfaction..

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