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Posted 2016-06-08T07:31:29Z

Where can heavy duty cable protector be used?

What is the purpose of the permanent heavy duty cable protector?
To provide safety for vehicles and pedestrians at an outdoor event, cable protectors are recommended to prevent any cable damage or any injuries to pedestrians. Out of all external cable protectors, this is the easiest one to use as you can lift the lid and quickly insert the cables without any hassle. This cable protector is incredibly versatile as it can also be used as a small speed ramp. It can hold a variety of cables due to the size of the cable channels –

Where can this product be used?
This permanent Heavy Duty Cable Protector can be used for outdoor events such as festivals, music events, exhibitions and building and construction sites. Because this cable protector is specifically made for external, heavy duty use, it will withstand vehicles with axle loads of up to 6000kg, perfect for vans, small lorries and cars. The cable channels are wide enough to fit some lighting and sound cables, cables for heavy machinery and power supplies, perfect to use for outdoor activities. The protector is slightly raised above the ground and can be used as a small speed ramp around the area it is being used. And cable ramp for sale, come to RK.

Who might use this product?
Anyone who needs external cable protection in areas of vehicle traffic. Members of staff can use this cable protector as a temporary or permanent fixture using the bolt holes provided. It is easy to use and install onto any surface. However, this is not suitable for anyone who uses fork trucks or have vehicles with heavy point loads.

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