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Posted 2016-06-12T07:29:28Z

Excellent aluminum crowd barrier

1. Material: Aluminum alloy
2. Feature: Professional welders and excellent engineers to ensure the high quality aluminum crowd barrier.
Application: hanging lighting, speakers and for the outdoor or indoor events.

High rigidity aluminum alloy material, the baffle thickness 1. 5 ~ 2mm, with fine non-slip pattern on the pedal, the specification is 1000 * 1250 * 1200mm, thickness of the outer complemented by a high aluminum square tube to a solid support in order to achieve its effect. Beautiful and stylish, easy to assemble, durable, high quality. Applied to prevent dangerous situations with heavy pedestrian traffic flow triggered unrest

Production of aluminum stage guardrail, performance isolation barrier, during the show all the audience always very crazy, especially on the safety of the actors are very dangerous, very difficult to rely on staff to maintain order. The audience separation barrier, which can effectively and stage the audience, and to reduce the external accidents and live performances isolation

Suitable for use in professional travel, events, concerts and so on.

There is a rugged, modular design, the used portable stages can be assembled together or in combination with the performance of security doors, as well as specialized elements to accommodate unusual stage configuration meets all relevant international safety regulations.

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