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Posted 2016-06-15T07:55:39Z

Cable ramps is part of traffic management system

If you are using speed ramps as part of your traffic management system then you will know of the importance of using clearly visible warning signs. They should not be used within 15 meters of a corner or junction and should be used at intervals along a route - bear in mind that emergency vehicles will also have to pass over them so they cannot be too severe. It is possible to buy 5 miles per hour and 10 miles per hour rated speed ramps and these can be formed by simply adding together black and yellow portable stage ramps sections and then neatly finished with tapered end sections. These stage ramps or speed bumps are sometimes known as Sleeping policemen (or a sleeping policeman! )#)#) and are usually fixed or bolted to the road, although they can often simply be laid on the ground without any drilling, bolting or bonding.

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