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Posted 2016-06-24T06:58:16Z

Build the celebration stage by RK

Build the celebration stage from the material can be divided into two kinds of wood and metal. A wooden bench is constructed, the outer veneer, its shape is generally rectangular, in accordance with the need for splicing and combination stage. The use of metal materials made of metal structure, can also be used to build pipe structures, (about pipe and drape wholesale, contract us) film on steel plate forming stage. In recent years, portable foldable stage with easy assembly are widely promoted, the stage shape is more abundant.

Celebration stage demand structure strong, smooth surface. After the erection of the stage, on the red carpet, other colors can be selected according to the needs of the carpet. Put flower on the sides of stage which close to audience, decoration stage skirt. The rear side of the stage should be stage step. If there have performing arts activities, we also should build staffs locker room in the back. As the night for theatrical performances, we should also think about stage lighting plan.

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