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Posted 2016-06-25T06:55:18Z

Special stage truss change many thing

Initially, building stage is mostly used folding square truss, because it is relatively stable and convenient. However, due to its own limitations of this product, it is difficult to meet the needs of a variety of stage style, after constant research and improvement, there is a special stage truss.

The emergence of the used stage truss, completely solve the lack of flexibility, whether it is in the disassembly or assembly has become more simple. And due to the characteristics of the stage truss with standardized components, any combination of assembly, so it will not under the restriction of geographical environment, regardless of the level or sideways can easily build up.

The most important is, not need to worry about the influence of wind speed on the stage trussing, because it in the design to take into account this, special structure, and a high quality of material the ability for resisting wind 8, in the windy weather can also ensure the stability and security.

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