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Posted 2016-06-27T09:00:10Z

Secrets of RK pipe and drape

RK pipe and drape kits is hot sale now, why so many customers have favor to RK pipe and drape for sale, good quality, easy set function and cheap price. And some other secrets as below.

Secrets of RK used pipe and drape:
1. Can be assembled in minutes, lightweight, durable, easy to assemble, economic
2. Freestanding system.
3. Virtually unlimited size or configuration.
4. Creates theater-like appearance.
5. No extra tools required.

Extend the theater-like appearance of the Cine-fold Dress Kit.
The Cine-fold Pipe and Drape Runoff is a universal modular draping system for all cine-fold types.
Also suitable as a room divider or to hide unsightly areas.
Adjustable telescopic pipe uprights and horizontal drape bars give versatility in height and width.

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