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Posted 2016-06-30T09:17:00Z

Height of the plexiglass stage

1 Material: aluminum alloy + plexiglass
2 Specifications: 1. 22*1. 22m 1m*1m
3 Upright: 50mm (diameter) *3mm (thickness) of the aluminum upright
4 Pipe: 30mm*2. 5mm aluminum pipe
5 Stage surface laying plexiglass: glass using 18mm thick tempered glass, the strength of the glass, bearing good, high material.
6 Height of the plexiglass stage: 0. 8mm, 0. 6m height is generally fixed, can also be customized according to the requirements of the height. Adjustable feet height range is: 0. 6m-1. 1m 0. 8m-1. 3m, adjustable feet adjusted to the height of the fast loading stage was very good solution to the bottom of uneven surface problem, up and down the stairs, not the same height. This is one of the most ideal equipment for temporary show, building exhibition stage.

Advantage: simple structure, convenient installation, and can be assembled and disassembled for storage and transportation, saving the cost of storage and transportation.
Relatively iron stage, aluminum assembly stage, not only to build more convenient, lightweight, and will not rust;
Compared with iron stage, high repetition rate, beautiful, light and higher grades.
Suitable for outdoor and indoor regulation of different occasions, the use life to than iron stage several times as long, and daily maintenance of the stage of the aluminum alloy and simple.
Applications: all kinds of performance activities, news conference, large and medium-sized party, indoor multi-purpose hall, hotel, wedding and other places.

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