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Posted 2016-07-06T09:14:08Z

Stage truss maintenance skills

Although the stage truss is very strong, but in the daily use, also need to do a good job of maintenance. The first need to check regularly, mainly to see whether there is a case of corrosion. If no preservative treatment of truss, because long-term use, wind and rain may cause some damage, prone to rust and so on.


Stage truss maintenance skills:

First, must be taken as soon as possible, that is, a layer of rust paint on the above, in order to play a role in the protection of.

Second, also need to look at some aspects of the connection, which can ensure that the truss is relatively large capacity, be careful because there is a loose, and in the use of the time will cause any danger.

Third ,stage truss surface must keep clean, especially in some acidic environment, more should pay attention to, be careful to affect its brightness and beauty.


Stage truss manufacturers to tell you about the stage truss system, the staff must earnestly is responsible, to do regular check, keep the surface clean, pay attention to truss corrode, from many aspects to protect, not only can reduce some risk, but also can enhance the service life of the truss.

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