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Posted 2016-07-07T07:53:07Z

Aluminum crowd barrier detail features

Aluminum crowd barrier, compared with the old safety barriers, stronger, anti crash down, one can withstand the thrust of 3 adults do not fall. Height can be based on the actual needs of the design (conventional height is 1. 2 meters), with a slope structure, can be put an end to the pedestrian foot crash the stage guardrail, the fringe process to make it beautiful.

Aluminum alloy material, good formability, welding, high strength. Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Material stability is good, long life, long-term outdoor placement is not easy to corrosion. Simple and easy installation, a plurality of locking links, links the crowd barrier is more strong.
Aluminum concert barrier also has a corner of the style, but also with the door style, the use of a variety of terrain can also cope with.
Beautiful fashion, easy to disassemble, strong and durable, excellent material, aluminum alloy material, light and rust.

The barrier can be folded, effectively reduce the volume of the transport greatly reduced, there are specialized transport vehicles, greatly reducing the long-distance transport costs and short distance transport manpower.

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