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Posted 2016-05-25T07:38:09Z

Portable stage how to build fast and good?

Dance floor as a indoor professional floor, first of all, must ensure environmental protection. The association of dance actor with a dance floor, and ordinary people and the floorboard of the association are very different, a professional dancer need long time with dance floor contact in the dance room closed. In addition the dancers' movement, sweating body often with a portable dance floor have direct contact.[...]

Posted 2016-05-20T08:02:31Z

Star curtain are also hot sale

1, Regular cleaning and maintenance of your products, so that can be used to extend the life. Be careful not to over use the portable stage to prevent excessive wear and cause accidents.
2, Can not use or installation lighting truss which has been damaged or have deformation.
3, Each project must be calculated before using the structure and bearing, must be able to exceed the staging truss itself bearing and span.
4, With professional tools to install and remove products, reduce the damage to the product.
5, The load-bearing parts must be on the node.
6, The correct and reasonable installation of products, strictly comply with the installation instructions, the installation must be carried out after the inspection.
7, Without the professional technical guidance, not to mixed use different kinds of aluminum stage truss.
Aluminum truss is high quality to sale, by the way, star curtain are also hot sale.[...]

Posted 2016-05-17T06:52:25Z

Stage manufacturers meet the needs of some special stage

In daily life, we can not avoid some relatively sudden or emergency situation, like urgent customer suddenly push for some project, such as a performance suddenly in advance, and the original stage construction time limit for a project and not able to complete. And then, in these special circumstances, how to solve it? As the famous stage truss manufacturers, Rk there are a variety of stage can solve your urgent, such as portable stage is a suitable choice.[...]