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Posted 2016-05-16T07:08:44Z

Purchasing aluminum stage from RK

After purchasing aluminum stage from RK, we will teach you how to assemble an ideal concert stage with them. First introduce this aluminum stage by its component. An aluminum stage modular, included stage platform, stage brace, stage legs, and stage base.
Staging platform is made by plywood and surface deal with four different finish method: carpet, industrial, tuffcoat, and glass to meet your individual need, carpet reduce noise. industrial and tuffcoat anti-slip and flame resistant, but industrial is durable than tuffcoat, tuffcoat is more
luxurious on looking. Glass is the most luxurious. Stage brace is aluminum 6082T6, stage legs is aluminum 6063T5, could be anti-rust, the height is adjustable. and stage base could be adjustable in 5cm, which is perfect for outdoor stage.
Aluminum stage for sale, we also provide it.[...]

Posted 2016-05-12T07:21:11Z

Different kinds of portable stage platforms in RK

As an innovative product on stage field, portable stage is composed of lightweight platform and collapsible riser. To build a complete portable stage, can not be separated from the staging platforms.
According to the specific stage requirements, select the appropriate staging platforms.
RK portable stage platforms advantage:
1. Lightweight with heavy loading capacity, Environment friendly and recyclable.
2. Light weight--Easy to install, storage and transport, can be assembled in minutes
3. certificated aluminum 6082-T6--high quality with strong loading capacity, durable and absolutely environmental friendly
4. Unique and professional design--perfect craftsmanship, owns technicians design for your special request.
5. Optional color is available.
6. Wide range of application--Suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor performances and exhibitions.
7. Factory direct sale--competitive price under the assurance of quality.
Stage truss manufacturers wait for you consult.[...]

Posted 2016-05-09T07:30:21Z

Together to create a custom stage

Folding stage because it can adjust the height, when not in use can be folded up, with four wheels so in storage, handling is very convenient.

Folding stage can also be composed of different shapes, with the stage skirts to make the whole effect more soft, well received by the hotel's favor, is the necessary choice of multi-function hall. Mainly used for indoor small parties, conferences, Party and other kinds of performances.[...]

Posted 2016-04-26T06:42:46Z

A complete pipe and drape system

A whole pipe and drape system is usually called pipe and drape kits, a complete pipe and drape kits is composed of base, upright, crossbar and drape. Let the pipe and drape wholesale introduced one by one for you.
RK pipe and drape kits advantages:
1. Removable curtain telescopic device, this feature of our company in the R & D is different from the other company's products, exclusive. if there is a problem bowl and pipe, simply replace the pipe or bowl, without complete replacement, cost savings.
2. There are 2 marks on the upright, customers can choose the expansion accurate to a certain height, have the highest warning signs, safe and convenient.
3. There are regular size, special size can also be designed according to customer demand.
4. Curtain material with velvet, velour and chiffon.
5. General default EPE packaging, carton packaging plus tape, each containing 4-6 manifold, each pipe are separated by EPE, prevent extrusion deformation during transportation.[...]

Posted 2016-04-25T07:00:37Z

Make a big discount for our aluminum stage

During the following several month is the hot sale season for even activity, especially in new year, so that we’d like to recommend our hot sale stage truss system for you. We can design according to your requirements.
The stage we do right mainly have 3 kinds, but this time we want to show our decent portable aluminum stage you now is the new star of Europe market and South East Asia market. It is simple assembled, 1 platform with 4 legs.
The stage truss system is very important for a stage. The global truss must be light because the stage can not hold a heavy weight. The stage truss is used for light stand and others.
To feedback new and old customer's support, we decide to make a big discount for our aluminum stage , which is very popular in America and Europe, for its and aesthetic and reliability.
If there is anything we about portable stages for sale, we shall be more than pleased to do so.[...]