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Posted 2016-03-04T08:02:34Z

How in the limited time to build portable stage more safe

Folding stage is the most popular staging, it can be folded, covers an area of small, easy to carry, simple and convenient installation, can be used for various occasions such as wedding, performance. How in the limited time to build portable stage more safe, to ensure that the use effect? The portable stage manufacturers will do for you a detailed explanation, convenient for your use.[...]

Posted 2016-02-26T08:04:06Z

Portable stage system is suitable

Pls kindly see the advantage of our portable stage system:
1. The height can adjustable, and we can erect a stage on uneven earth. That means outdoor and indoor activity is suitable.
2. Can assemble easily and open quickly for setting up. Compared to other stage system, which need the screwdriver and a lot of work to set up, it is a favor for event planner.
3. Weight capacity is 950kg/sq. m. This make very heavy equipment showed on the stage possible.
4. The durability is long. It is best choice for rental company.
5. Warranty year-5 years
6. Platform material available in industrial finished and organic glass platform. Portable stage with guide rails - rack stage guard rail with Hardware connector for 1m x 1m platform.[...]