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Posted 2016-02-20T07:30:44Z

Use of pipe and drape

Used pipe and drape is to divide, hide, and/or decorate a space temporarily.
Places of use pipe and drape for ceremonies and show.
Schools and colleges use pipe and drape for sporting events, class reunions, and a variety of school related functions.
Wedding halls use pipe and drape for backdrops behind the head table, and often the surrounding walls as well.
Convention centers use pipe and drape to create eye-catching trade show booths when hosting trade shows or job fairs.
Businesses use pipe and drape to hide construction on their premises, or to reinforce corporate colors wherever they go.
Photographers use pipe and drape for the background of photo shoots, or to make a portable photo booth enclosure.
Hospitals use pipe and drape to create private dressing rooms for patients waiting to go to their room.
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Posted 2016-02-18T07:40:15Z

Some advantages to stage truss system

Stage truss systems can span large distances and dissipate forces throughout the structure with load-bearing only at the ends. This can be very convenient in residential and commercial building construction because non-load-bearing walls can e placed at intervals between two ends of the truss system. This allows flexibility in spacing walls and allows for easy removal of them if necessary.[...]

Posted 2016-02-17T08:01:37Z

Keep in mind before you buy portable stages

People generally think that portable stage is just used in show. But, in school, portable stage also play an important role. If your school is lacking a permanent stage, it’s still possible to create a great performance space. Used portable stages and risers make it easy to turn any cafeteria, gymnasium or lobby into just the venue you need. Because there are so many portable stage company, shopping for portable stages and risers can be confusing. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy.[...]

Posted 2016-01-27T07:32:00Z

The stage has become an indispensable part of it

While in the continuing quest for great lifestyle together, an array of performance styles were announced, so that they can satisfy the performance, a stage is a vital element of them. A emergence of your mobile stage, a performance is not a more reduced, by way of various methods as well as layout of your building, you may make the info stage outcome.[...]