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Posted 2016-07-08T08:08:38Z

Details of arc chorus stage

Portable arc chorus stage, light and strong, strong security, strong and durable, strong bearing capacity, fast dismantling way to assemble and build, transport is simple, easy to store, rust treatment, can be put in any combination. Two people can complete the assembly work. With the back of the back, the side of the stage guardrails more secure, more convenient to with the stage trailer.[...]

Posted 2016-07-06T09:14:08Z

Stage truss maintenance skills

Although the stage truss is very strong, but in the daily use, also need to do a good job of maintenance. The first need to check regularly, mainly to see whether there is a case of corrosion. If no preservative treatment of truss, because long-term use, wind and rain may cause some damage, prone to rust and so on.[...]