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Pray for Don

On Monday August 3rd, 2015 Don had a stroke. His wife Betty Osborn was with him when he fell and had the stroke. He was taken to the St. Marys emergency room where he was moved to the stroke floor.

The family would appreciate your prayers at this time as they make plans for his rehabilitation. At this time how long and what type of rehabilitation is unknown. As the length of his recovery is unsure the cost is expected to be quite high.

Don and Betty Osborn would never ask for any financial help but if you are able to give anything at all to ensure Don receives the best care the family would forever be grateful.

If you have any questions or want to visit please contact Cordie or Katherine Walker who are with Betty at the hospital currently



Monday evening around 7pm US Central Time, Don was sitting at his desk when he got up because he felt a little foggy and went into the kitchen from there he doesnt remember what happened.

Betty heard some rustling around and then him yell "I need some help here" so she ran down into their kitchen and found him on the floor - he signaled that the right side of his body was numb. She called 911 right away and they walked them through a few phrases to say - he was able to repeat back what Betty has called 'The Tongue Twister' but by the time the ambulance arrived he was unconscious and no longer responding to her.

The police officers responded within a minute of the call, the firefigthers immediately after that and she thinks he was in the ER within ten minutes of it all happening - GREAT NEWS. He had some testing done that evening. Was unresponsive to Betty and family friend Pastor Andy Cass initially and about three hours after arriving was able to squeeze their hand and wink. Their eldest daughter's Father in-law was also there to support Don and Betty and communicated that from his arrival to a couple hours later was very drastic and he was improving.

Don was moved to the ICU later that evening where he stayed for about 24 hours before he became stable enough to be moved to the Domitilla floor within St. Mary's Hospital here in Rochester, Mn. That has a couch and reclining chair for Betty to sleep on at night. On Tuesday they had visitors bring Betty food, encouraging words and pray to Don.

Which they and the family are very grateful for. He was very groggy and sleepy that day able to motion or muble a few words - has been put on several different types of medication to ensure the high blood pressure stays down - what the Medical Team believes is the primary cause of the hemorrhagic stroke. None of the intial medications were helping the blood pressure get to the level the doctors wanted until a new one they started him on Friday evening. Tuesday and Wednesday he was getting the necessary nutrients and water through a tube in his nose. Which hasn't bothered him at all.