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Posted 2015-08-21T02:33:33Z

“Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.” ‭‭Lamentations‬ ‭3:23‬ ‭NLT‬‬

A friend of ours, Pastor Andy, shared this with me yesterday afternoon and I've been thinking about it for the past day or so in regards to my dad's recovery... That each and every day God will be faithful to my dad... His mercies begin again as the sun rises. That if from my own observation I may not be seeing 'the results' whether it's Dads speech, physical movement of his right side or mental state that God is working within him and healing his brain. It's still tough to accept what has happened some days. Hard to see him in a wheelchair. But soooo good to see him smile, laugh, make jokes, give hugs, talk about his days and who is visiting him. His new schedule (still working that out) and who the staff are that are there with him everyday. The interest and genuine intrigue he has with my husband's work is unlike any other I've seen. The length my Dad goes in remembering and trying to understand the Golf Instruction world is astounding (he listens to Cordie's Golf In The Life Of podcast every week reads the blog posts, researches each instructor to gain more knowledge about a topic he may not know much about) even after the stroke he has been doing this with the help of others. Which has made me realize that if my Dad doesn't know something or fully grasp it he will put in the time, energy and effort to be on the same page as those he is with and cares about especially with each of his children. Not in a 'know it all' kind of way but to connect, engage and be a part of each of our lives. He does this with his friends, extended family and everyone around him. Which is encouraging as recovery from his stroke is a new thing for him - new task - new project - to re teach his brain how to communicate with his right side, how to speak maybe a little bit slower than normal but to use his strengths of description and explaining to find the right words or solutions. He had his speech evaluation yesterday and the lady said this way of remembering and learning to speak is great - with some scientific term I don't remember but to encourage him to keep talking and describing until he comes to the word and then to repeat it back. He is working hard with his physical and occupational therapists... Moves around a lot into the different areas of the rehab center... Tonight we brought Zakiyah and Zion Cass to visit they LOVED pushing him and going for rides in the wheel chair being chased by the wheel chair while Cordie or I pushed him. It's been tough to allow myself to feel the emotions or tears sometimes but tonight as I was praying with Zion for my dad she said to me, "Yes, My mommy told me there is Blood in his brain" with confidence. I was surprised as I didn't realize how much she understand so as tears fell I did my best to explain why he was in a wheelchair - that the doctors had said they hope the blood will be gone in a few months to better diagnose and prevent the future (I just told her the first part) her response was "For real" which put a smile on my face. 😃 He gets tired easily but we know he is still trying. Fighting within to keep going, teasing my mom as much as he can too! Dad - you are doing a great job. I am so impressed by your strength and stamina - your attitude and determination to get through this! Love you so much! -Katherine

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  • Thomas Edward Baker
    Thomas Edward Baker

    Awesome. So touching. We are believing and praying for complete recovery. The family being here means a lot to him. You can see it in the pictures, and in his eyes. Praise God, he is healing Don one day at a time, one moment at a time, little by little. If anyone there has a Jesus calling devotional, read today's to him, August 20th. It is also posted on Facebook today. It talks about healing. The Greek word for healing, made who,e, and salvation is one and the same. So powerful. Keep the faith!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Stanley Paul Sweaney
    Stanley Paul Sweaney

    So great to hear that Don is in good spirits, and progressing. I think about him every day and wish I could be up there to drop in to say hi and visit with him. My thoughts are with you, Don, and the football season is almost here! Stan

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Bozena Orchel-Bassett
    Bozena Orchel-Bassett

    Dear Don, we are very happy to hear that you are teasing Betty!! :-) That is such a sure sign you are healing and fast! Also impressed about the golf related knowledge you are gaining now. Have you thought of maybe starting to learn a foreign language? Have they recommend it as a good exercise? May I suggest Polish?! :-) Ask Bob, he can give you all kinds of good advise, or maybe not, he may tell you to stay away from this one :-))) ...Any way.. Glad to hear you are making progress! You have support and prayers of many people. Thinking about you all! Love. B.

    5 years ago · Reply
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