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Posted 2015-09-06T00:26:16Z

Don's sister Christine and her Husband Jan visit!

One of Don's younger sisters arrived from TN yesterday afternoon with her husband Jan. It has been good for them to reminisce, share stories and laugh a lot! Don is still improving. Determined to be walking, talking clearly and would like to get most function back in his right arm! Friday night the Osborns got together and had a draft for most of the family's very first fantasy football - there was lots of cheering and excitement from Don as he picked his team and watched his children participate! He is slowly still reading all of your posts, messages and comments on FB! The family appreciates your patients with the updates as the journey a head is still a very long one with a light at the end of the tunnel though! Plans moving forward with rehab are still day by day and where he will live whether it's in MN or Texas is to be determined. Betty would appreciate any prayers as she figures out packing/selling their house and what the best time and how to go about it is! (If they do leave she would like to go before the snow!) Don loves having visitors, hearing about what's going on in his friends and families lives so thank you for all the love and encouragement!

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