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Posted 2015-10-20T16:09:20Z

Over the past month...


Don was moved home the first week of October! He was very happy to be able to come home, spend more quality time with Donald & Hannah as they visited from Australia. (see pictures in the photo albums) 

His son Bobby, has moved into the home with Don and Betty taking care of the daily needs - bathroom, food, getting the right nutrition. Driving him to his physical therapy and occupational therapy appointments (He is in his second week). 

They push him really hard so he has been quite tired after the sessions. He is able to walk with assistance and in small doses. Don has his first Neuro Appointment next week - please be praying that the doctors are able to see what they need to and have knowledge evaluating his current state. 

He is drawing with his left hand, able to use the computer a little bit and and resting a lot. As with any stroke patient the progress is a long one some days are better than others. 

The family again appreciates everyone's prayers and encouragement over the past couple of months. Please continue to pray for strength for Betty as she is learning how to take care of her husband, for wisdom with what their next steps will be, that insurance will cover more therapy for Don and he will continue to gain more mental clarity. 

They are thankful for your understanding with the lack of updates as care, paperwork, scheduling appointments etc do take up a lot of time. 

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  • Sandy brinkman
    Sandy brinkman

    Hi Don and Betty, I just wanted to say Hi and wish you both the continued support and prayers that are needed to get you both thru this! Don is a determined man so I don't think much will keep him down for long as I remember him at IBM.. He always put a smile on my face! Sending you both hugs and prayers that this journey as a stroke patient will be short and his recovery will be fast..... HI to Donald as well! And congrats on the new bride! :) Your family is growing.. I am sure your dad is so proud of all of you and loves having you all there! Take care and God Bless. Sandy Brinkman :)

    5 years ago · Reply
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