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Stanley Paul Sweaney Stanley Paul Sweaney

Hi Don! I've been thinking a lot about you lately. Last week I had my Palmer High 40 year reunion (1975) and a chance to catch up with old friends. Jerry Good was there, along with Coach Provenzano and Dave Price. Everyone sends their best to you! The N.F.L. season is on it's way, with the new look Wade Phillip's 4-3 attacking defense looking to turn around the Bronco's post season woes. Glad to see that you are improving Don, and I'll stay in touch! Stan

Jan Ferguson Jan Ferguson

Happy Birthday Don!!! Chris and I hope you have a very happy birthday. Only 9 days until we see you. Looking forward to it very much!

James Benge James Benge

Hello Don. I hope the transition to the new facility goes smoothly, and I hope you continue to achieve milestones that are significant and encouraging. The Benges (James, Allison, Eli, Luke) are praying for you. My dad says hello and that he's praying as well.

Tomorrow's a big day for the boys, as Elijah starts 2nd grade and Luke starts Kindergarten. Hopefully, they'll both soon learn enough to make heads or tails of future lessons in physics you wish to impart.

It was great to see you and all the family when I was last able to visit.

I look forward to hearing good reports from Minnesota.

Robert M. Williams Robert M. Williams

Donnie, you are truly my brother. I love you, and pray for strength to match your will...which is indomitable. I wish I had listened to you better, but at least I gave you something, someone, to laugh about. I also wish life had placed us in closer proximity to each other -- brothers should be to watch each others' backs. I always looked up to you...I always will. I miss you.

Bozena Orchel-Bassett Bozena Orchel-Bassett

Thank you for sharing the pictures! We are so happy Elisabeth is there! We are thinking about you all! Love.

Bozena Orchel-Bassett Bozena Orchel-Bassett

Hello Don! How are you doing?! Greetings from Krakow, from under my dad's peach tree (see photo) - Same tree Bobby may remember from his visit 2 Summers ago :-) (see photo). My dad cares for this tree, watches over it and tends to it's needs and then almost counts the peaches :-) and then he enjoys giving it to family and friends :-) They are very sweet and juicy. Here are some for you! :-)
It is Saturday morning and we are wondering what to do with ourselves as we keep melting and hoping for this brutal heat wave, second this Summer, to go away! - far away! As you may not know we don't have AC here :-((( I think that Betty would like it here now ha ha ha, you may not though...
Hopefully Minnesota is not too hot and you enjoy your outings with Katherine!
Bob tried to post his message but it "didn't take", he'll keep trying.
Thinking about you and wishing you a good weekend! Love from 4ofus. B.

Kevin Walker Kevin Walker

Don, I'm very encouraged to hear the progress you're making since that Monday night. Medical professionals tell us recovery can take a while but with your determination and our joint faith in God's healing power, we're believing for quick & thorough healing and restoration. You have further assignments from God to accomplish so it will be great to watch you fulfill your calling. That day we 'bumped into' each other at Culvers recently was more than coincidence and turned into a meeting of ministry. Your persistent optimism and words of wisdom pierced my soul that day and lifted me up when my spirit was not high so I'm sending back to you hope and strength for this challenge. I appreciate your sensitivity to difficulties and this season in your life is equipping you to help and encourage more people in the world. Who knows where this doorway will lead you but I know it's going to be very good. Continued blessings _ Kevin

Cindy Sheppard Cindy Sheppard

Don, Betty, & Family...the Sheppard family is sending you encouragement and prayers! We know you will get through this! You are an amazing husband, father, son, brother, friend, & don't forget "coach"! We treasure the times we've spent with you all -- you must be so proud of your family & you should be! What a great example that you & Betty have led and continue to do so! Keep fighting & know that you are loved by so many!

Norma Bobo Norma Bobo

Don, I'm praying for you everyday! I've known you since before Tara was born. That strong minded, self determined person that I know is still there. Keep working with the therapist & keep a positive attitude. You can do it ! 💪🏼 Tara & I will continue to pray 🙏🏼 for your speedy recovery. Lots of hugs & happy thoughts going your way from Texas. You've got to get better soon cause you owe me & Tara some Barbecue !!

Love from Norma & Tara

Jan Ferguson Jan Ferguson

Don...We hear you are doing much better and we know you will come out on top! The whole Ferguson clan: Chris, Jan and Jennie are all praying for you! We are proud of how far you've come...keep up the good work. We love you and look forward to talking to you again.

Erica Cisneros Erica Cisneros

Hey tio! we continue to pray for you and the rest of the Osbo's :) we loooove y'all so much. Mila Beela has grown so much since y'all left. can't wait til we see you again and you can see all her new signs and be crazy w/ her. she always enjoyed your company and I'm sure she will love to know yall more and more as she grows. We will facetime you soon :) Keep getting better! we are all pulling for you. Love Love Love from down south. Come Back to Texas. Xx

Love, Erica Junior and Mila

Christy Cass Christy Cass

The Cass fam continues to pray for you and loves our visits with you! You are making so much improvement and are an inspiration to many! - Cass family

Thomas Edward Baker Thomas Edward Baker

Hi Don. We are bringing the Bible study to you on Tuesday. You can't get away from us that easily! Praying and believing for a full, fast recovery for you Brother. Thanks, Thomas Baker