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Pray for Matt

This is a website to update friends on Matt’s health as he deals with a brain bleed and other health complications.

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Posted 2019-10-02T02:02:08Z


If you saw our family today, it might have looked like a normal family at a coffee shop playing a board game, talking to our barista friends, and enjoying life.  It was so nice to step away from doctors appointments and physical therapy to do something fun this afternoon.  Recovery is slow.  What you might not have seen was Matt struggling and dragging his foot as we walked back to our car.  You also would not have seen how Matt was too tired to sit at the kitchen table when we got home.  It also would not have been apparent how Matt had to rest all morning to have enough energy to go to an appointment and then to go sit at a coffee shop for an hour.  

I do not say that to whine or complain.  We are still completely grateful for the healing that has come to Matt's life.  I use this example to show how complicated it is to write about the recovery process. Matt is slowly making progress.  He has been going to physical therapy and occupational therapy.  He will also have a much anticipated appointment with the neuro- optometrist later this week to hopefully get more help with his double vision. 

Matt wrote the poem in the picture above this summer about the problems that he has had with his heart.  I feel like it exemplifies what he is going through right now as well.  Please know that we still appreciate your prayers and all of the support from so many friends and family members.  Some of the emotional impact of what has happened is still hitting us, and I am sure that we will be figuring out what the brain bleed meant for our family for quite a while.

Please pray for:

-Matt to have some answers about how to help his eyesight.  Some days it seems better, while other days it seems worse.

-For Matt's energy to return.

-For Matt's sleep- He often wakes in the middle of the night and struggles to fall asleep again. 

-Pray for all other areas affected by the stroke to improve.

-Pray for our family as we readjust our lives.


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