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Prayers for Our Son

Ezio was born with a rare syndrome not discovered in any other person in the world at this time. It presented itself with many challenges. Ezio overcame many of those cha[...] read more

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Library Adventure

I've been wanting to take Khloe to more fun things with kids her age. After scouring online, I settled for the Nolensville library Toddler Time. I chose this for two reasons: one being that it was close to the house and two being that a wonderful group of people from my sister in law's work donated books in memory of our son. I really wanted to see those books.
When we woke Thursday morning, it was rough on both of us. I barely had any sleep Khloe woke several times in the night. It was 9:30 and the event started at 10:30. Did I really think we could make it? I gave it a try anyways. I fed Khloe a quick, small breakfast, threw on some clothes for both of us, and out the door we went after giving daddy kisses goodbye. We made it to the library ten minutes late, but Toddler Time was still going on as songs were sung and puppets talked. Khloe, hesitant at first, soon came out of her shell jumping and dancing with the other kids. She loved it just as I thought she would. Shortly after, they had playtime and dumped toys for the kids to play with. My mind began to wander as I watched Khloe interact with other children. "Where would I even begin to find Ezio's books?" Of course I've been to libraries before so I knew how to find the books by Nancy Tillman, but still, it would take me some time. As children began filtering out with their parents, Khloe began exploring the library on her own, running up and down aisles. I chased her down several aisles of books before she eventually brought me down one that led me to a computer at her height with another mother and child playing on it. The computer was tucked away between bookshelves and as I went to redirect Khloe, I almost gasped aloud. There, in front of me, were the books I thought I'd be searching for. Khloe led me right to them. It was like time slowed down as I stared in awe of the scene that unfolded. God knew what I would be searching for and He made it so very easy to find them. Inside I was excitedly jumping for joy and at the same time sad that this even had to be "in memory". I took all the books off the shelf and brought Khloe to a quiet corner. There we opened each book looking for what I knew would already be there. But to see MY son's name when first opening the book felt so encouraging. I wanted to take them all home and hold on to them. Of course, that would defeat the purpose of the donation! Still, it made my heart smile with tears of mixed emotions. My son is honored. His memory lives on and will continue to live on.

A special thank you to St. Thomas Outpatient Rehab of Murfreesboro. You guys went above and beyond for both my sister in law and my family and truly blessed us. I am forever grateful for your kindness to our family!!

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