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Prayers for Our Son

Ezio was born with a rare syndrome not discovered in any other person in the world at this time. It presented itself with many challenges. Ezio overcame many of those cha[...] read more

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All in God's Timing

God's timing is always perfect and though I will never understand it here on earth, I've learned to just accept that. That's why, five days before Ezio passed, I relished in the joy of our daughter's adoption and the best day of smiles and joy Ezio ever had. He looked so proud to be dressed in his handsome outfit and was on his best behavior when we took our first "official" family photo. I'm not sure why God chose the timing, but I accepted it.

Then a year and five days after Ezio's heavenly entrance, he (and God) gave his sibling a kiss and sent them to us. I prayed for the day to come and I didn't understand what was taking God so long, but as usual, His timing is perfect.

July 7th, 2018, we discovered the rainbow after the storm. Our rainbow baby is soon to be here March 2019! We are over the moon overjoyed and feeling beyond blessed God answered our cries. Thank you to all who have continued to pray and encouraged us. We can't wait to meet our newest little one (sex to be discovered at birth) and introduce Khloe to the sibling Ezio has already met.

The Riveras

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