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Prayers for Mark

A week ago Mark got sick with what we thought was the flu. After a call to his doctor and an urgent care visit they still thought it was the flu. On Friday 4/22 he was very weak so he was taken to the hospital. They observed him overnight and the next morning a doctor came in to see him; the doctor quickly determined that Mark had an internal injury that needed immediate surgery. Mark underwent a two hour surgery where they found no injury but a massive infection (caused by an injury that was already healed). The doctor cleaned him up and put in drains for further observation. The effects of his injury have caused him to go into sepsis and kidney failure, currently Mark is in the ICU at Saratoga Hospital. We are waiting to see if his condition improves over the next 48 hours. We will be using this site to update family and friends on his condition. Your prayers and well thoughts are greatly appreciated.