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Prayers for Mindy

This blog is a medium to communicate updates and important messages to Mindy's family and friends.

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Posted 2017-01-16T01:20:55Z

January 15, 2017

In late 2016, Mindy was plagued with back pain and after a visit with her PCP and several tests the culprit of the pain was suspected to be cancer.  To say that Mindy & Bob were shocked to receive the suspicion of a cancer diagnosis was an understatement, but more recently complications have occurred including a broken femur and now an infection in Mindy's lungs.   As a result of the infection central lines were placed to administer medications, fluids and check labs. 

Over the next week the main concern will be treating the infection and confirming the surgical site is healing properly. Mindy will be quite drowsy as she is medicated to treat pain, control blood pressure and treat the infection.  Oncology will be coming up with a game plan shortly and the best thing that Mindy can do right now is rest.  She is quite comfortable and even though she was sleepy on Saturday she did wake up briefly on Sunday morning and asked the nurse if the Patriots won :)  

More information to come as the week progresses, but we'll be keeping her company as she works on getting better.


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