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Prayers for Strength and Healing for Remy

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Posted 2018-05-08T22:34:57Z

An unexpected journey

I don’t post very often but word travels fast and Desiree and I have been receiving lots of calls and texts from friends, family and loved ones who are worried about Remy. I thought it appropriate to give everyone an update.

I’m not sure about using social media as a platform for this but it’s one update vs a bunch of calls and texts. While I feel it is a very private family issue I have experienced first hand the power of friends, family and loved ones during Hurricane Harvey.

So here is a summary. For the last 3 weeks or so Remy has been feeling ill. After 3 trips to the Drs and one ER visit we were instructed to go to UTMB for imaging.

Results revealed a tumor in his kidney. Most likely a Wilms Tumor. Unfortunately the tumor has grown out of his kidney and all the way into his heart. The tumor is large enough to restrict flow through his heart so anesthesia and a biopsy was deemed to risky.

He is being transferred to Texas Children’s Hospital for what will most likely be chemo in an effort to shrink the tumor down enough to safely remove it. Prognosis for this type of tumor is usually very good. However its position in the heart has made everything more complicated. I will try to keep everyone updated as we learn more.

There has been an overwhelming outpouring of support and to answer the question everyone has been asking. What do we need?

At this time nothing but strength, thoughts, love and prayers.

Thank you and God Bless.

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