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Prayers for Peyton

Hi Everyone! We are so thankful for the outpouring of love and prayers for our family at this time. We wanted to develop this site for to inform everyone of Peyton's prog[...] read more

LATEST JOURNAL ENTRY - 2015-06-05T15:28:00Z

One step closer...


"I can do all this through him who gives me strength"
Philippians 4:13

Evidentially this black cloud surrounding our family is not going away any time soon.  Peyton however is doing very well.  He is on track to getting to come home Sunday/Monday.  He passed his car seat test and will be having his echocardiogram today to see if we need any additional follow up.

Myself on the other hand will be having a hysterectomy on June 24th.  I went back for a checkup and after discussing the situation with my doctor, it will be best to play it safe and go ahead with the hysterectomy.  SO... I will get Peyton home and then be laid up for a bit. 

Peyton cannot go home until we get the supplies we need at home to care for him so I spent most of my day yesterday on the phone with our insurance company, DME companies, Pfizer, SRMC, doctors, etc trying to work through all this.  Of course our insurance will not pay for his supplies and medicine so we are having to appeal everything.  For the time being I paid for his equipment so we can get him home. I'm working with Pfizer who has been GREAT!  Pfizer is sending us three 30 day supplys of his shots for FREE so we have time to work with insurance to get it appealed.  This will also give the state time to get his Disability and TEFRA Medicaid approved which will start covering this stuff!

For those of you that don't know, the AmeriCorps position Travis held at Dist 1 was taken away this coming year. He has for the past 2 years been selling Real Estate part-time so he is perusing this path.  SO if anyone is looking to buy or sell, give Travis a call.  He is at Century 21 Blackwell & Co in Boiling Springs =)  I was nervous about this at first, but he's been doing really well the past month!  Here's a link to his Facebook page with information...

It is getting quit comical at this point with this dark cloud over our heads.  As I started typing this post, I received a text from Travis of him on the side of the road without a tire on his car... he had a flat. ha!

With all joking aside, God has a reason for everything he is throwing on us and we see that.  When I was arguing with insurance companies all day yesterday to pay for Peyton's meds, he led me to Pfizer's website to learn there was help there... he has a plan for everything he does.  We may not always like it at first but there's reasoning behind it...





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