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Posted 2015-06-03T12:23:37Z

Working towards discharge...

Yesterday was a busy day for Peyton.  He had check-ups, PT,  OT, Speech, and started preparing for discharge.  The plan right now is for Travis and I to spend the night in the transition room Saturday night and bring him home Sunday or Monday.  We will care for Peyton like we are at home and the nurses will monitor in case we have any questions about any of his equipment, supplies, medicine, etc. 

Peyton also has to pass a car seat test this week.  Babies born before 37 weeks have to be able to sit in a car seat for a prolonged period of time without any issues.  He will be hooked to his monitors and his heart rate, breathing and oxygen saturation will be monitored.    I believe he will pass but if not they will do the test again and if he still cannot pass he'll have to be put in a car bed car seat.  We had one of these with Emmy.  When her femur was broken she couldn't ride in a normal car seat so we had to purchase a car bed.  They actually look a lot more comfortable than a normal car seat.

This week Peyton will have a echocardiogram to check on his heart murmur to see if we will need to follow up with a Cardiologist.  

I gave Peyton his first growth hormone shot last night :(  I think Mom watching was more upset than Peyton.. he didn't hardly flinch. 

His feeding tube is hard to get used to.  It's not hard to use; it's just a mental thing.  I'm afraid it's going to get pulled out because it looks like it would be very easy to do. 

We cannot wait to get him home.  I'm ready to see how Maddy and Emmy react towards him.

If all goes as planned we'll be home with Peyton by Monday afternoon and ready to tackle PWS.



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Comments (7)

  • Jan Mabry
    Jan Mabry

    God Bless you all.

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Kim Lytle
    Kim Lytle

    I continue to pray for Peyton and all his care givers. He has to be a tough little one to endure all his short life has brought forth. God chooses the most wonderful and best for his work on earth. You have been chosen! The journey will not be an easy one but the rewards are over the top. I love you ALL:)

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Martha Hunt
    Martha Hunt

    That is wonderful news! Happy he will be going home!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Tina Scruggs
    Tina Scruggs

    Blythe. You and Travis can do this! You have a strong family that will be there to help you too. God hand picked you and Travis to be Peyton's mommy and daddy!! I can not wait to see him!! Prayers continuing to be lifted up for you all! I love you! ~Tina

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Ann Bowden
    Ann Bowden

    You're a strong family! You'll do great!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Sharon Taylor
    Sharon Taylor

    Wonderful news. Praying for Peyton and the Family.

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Rhonda Butler
    Rhonda Butler


    5 years ago · Reply