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Prayer warriors for Stephanie

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Feeling shunned and abandoned

It was very tough at lunch today with Stephanie. She was in tears crying that she feels God has forsaken her and shunned her and will not listen and answer her prayers for relief from her pain. She has had a migraine for 2 weeks without a break and toxic environment at work continues with no prospects for another job. She really needs to find another job, but needs a salary and great insurance. She is in a very need of prayer from all of us to continue on. She would love to be able to quit work and concentrate on school as it is apparent her current degrees do ot provide for employment with a sustainable salary.

The neurologist called in a medrol dose pack and if this doesn't work she will need infusions.Please  pray it brings relief. She also continues to fight a UTI with antibiotics.  More lost time from work with no PTO available.

I am having difficulty handling all the anxiety too. Its hard to sleep at night and I wake up wondering if she will have energy to get to work with all the pain and fatigue.

all three of us are in desperate need of prayer, hope and healing.

we are at a  breaking point and really need to see God work.

it's hard for me to see such an outwardly perfect child, with an inside that screams in pain and illness.

I know God said we will not understand all he allows, but I cant imagine him letting her pain keep going on and on. She still prays she will die in her sleep to escape all the pain.

every morning I wake in anticipation of God providing relief and healing, but it doesn't happen. I keep saying his mercies are new every morning, but we wake to the same thing as the day before.

Thanks for letting me vent.

thank you for the prayers.




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