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Leah Rigby Leah Rigby

Sending you love and positive vibes my friend!!! You can do anything I've seen it with my own two eyes!! You got this :) Love you!!!!

Desiree Bennett Desiree Bennett

Nate I am so happy to hear you've made it home! Praying for you everyday kid! Stay strong! I'm so very proud of you!

Desiree Bennett Desiree Bennett

Nate when I think of you I smile. I physically produce a smile that is not easy for one with permanent RBF. There is not one memory of the time I spent with you that does anything to my soul but make it smile. You truly are a gift to this world. I've never seen you do anything but be amazing. So you have to keep doing just that kid, you gotta keep being amazing and strong so you can get back out here. You have s lot to offer this world. The world needs more people like you. I will not pretend to know how your feeling. I won't give up on you though I'm going to pray for you everyday. I'm going to ask everyone I know to pray for you everyday, I'm going to Check your post hope everyday. I won't pretend to understand how you feel but I will think of you daily. I'm rooting for you everyone is. Find it inside you to keep fighting find one thing everyday, a memory, a dream and hold onto it, you've come so far and everyone misses you!

Jamee F McGaughan Jamee F McGaughan

I was SO overwhelmed with gratitude when I found out that you got through your incredible surgery on Monday and THEN you were still well and strong enough to get moved to step down!! I've had 3 groups praying constantly for you and your awesome family -- my congregation at Faith Lutheran Church in Bear, a huge group of women over the whole United States and overseas called the Folded Hands Prayer Circle, and classrooms of kids in a Catholic school whose teacher is a longtime friend.

Everyone will keep up with the prayers to give you all unwavering hope, faith, strength, courage and endurance.
Love, Jameé McGaughan

Julia W Julia W

Janine, Michelle, Nate, and family... My heart, loving thoughts, and prayers are with you

Ian MacKenzie Ian MacKenzie

#natestrong. Jaxon's prayer - God is good and God is great please watch over cousin Nate.

Linda Mapp Linda Mapp

So sorry to her about Nate, I am praying for him and for the family, God is good, he is a healer, and he answers prayers

Michelle Brown Michelle Brown

Bryce Brown says "Uncle Nate, I want you to get better and come back and feel better. Did you see my card I was drawing last night with Lexi & me, did you already see that last night? I want to ask him he likes silly trees. I love him, I sure do."

Love , Bryce

Bill McConomy Bill McConomy

Nathan, Fight hard but pace yourself. Don't fight beyond the tip of your sword. Depend on the Lord to give you what you need today. Don't wield your sword at tomorrow. We're praying daily for His grace, peace, power, and strength to sustain you and bring healing.

Kelly Herman Kelly Herman

We're all thinking of you Nate! It's not the same at Bella without you! Matt tried to imitate one of your famous hugs and it just wasn't the same! Lol. I am here for you. Anything you need at all, im here. Whenever you feel discouraged just know that the pain is going to pass and things will get better! I promise. Keep going my love. Love you lots.

Kathie Heil Kathie Heil

Nate, I am praying for you each and every day! Know that you are loved by many people! God bless!! Love, Mrs. Heil

Jamee F McGaughan Jamee F McGaughan

This is a real shock, Nate, and I just found out about your accident through a phone call from Sean's dad/Carrie's father-in-law.
You are truly one of God's exceptional young men and -- tiny bit of pressure here -- we are expecting you to keep on fighting as difficult as that may be. You would be amazed at the number of people praying hard for you and sending good and positive thoughts to you. You have God, the angels and one of the best support systems on earth!! So hang in there, hold on tight, and give it all you've got!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Jamee McGaughan

Bethany Roberts Bethany Roberts

Nate, my little buddy, I love you so much, and am praying for your healing. Your Nate hugs and laughter are some of my favorite things.