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Pray For Quinn

This is a website dedicated to sharing our daughter's journey. Quinn was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease called tricuspid atresia the day after she was born.

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Happy Valentine's Day! More importantly, happy CHD Awareness Day! 

It's been a couple of months since my last entry. I've been meaning to write new journal entries for weeks, but I'm kind of glad I procrastinated until today. Today is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day, a day that honors CHD warriors and angels. We celebrated by visiting with Dr. Padiyath for another routine checkup. He is still happy with her progress, but we are inching closer and closer to her first major heart surgery...*gulp*...the Glenn procedure. I try to keep my mind from wandering off into the "What If's" department; however, I'm in constant fear of what COULD happen. Questions and concerns flood my mind and I sometimes feel as though I'm going to drown in them, but I truly believe that she will make it through these next 2 surgeries and begin to live a relatively normal life. Believing, though, doesn't mask the fear of not knowing what will happen. 

Thankfully, we've had a good couple of months. Quinn is a thriving, happy 5-month-old. Her big brother is her favorite person (and vice versa). The two of them laugh at each other all day! Grant is becoming very protective of HIS baby sister, and it's adorable. I believe these two will raise a substantial amount of hell together as they grow older.

In honor of CHD Awareness Day, I contacted my city's local newspaper about sharing Quinn's story, and sharing some basic information on CHDs for those who may not know much about them. I met with an awesome reporter, Shea, who was gracious enough to help. Quinn made the front page!!! I'm so grateful for all of Shea's help. She eloquently delivered an awesome story that is now plastered all over my refrigerator. It touched my heart in an indescribable way to see my sweet girl on the front page of the paper, sporting her beautiful scar and her CHD awareness tutu, showing the world how strong she and all other CHD warriors can be. I couldn't hold back the tears as I read the article that accompanied her adorable photo. I'm an incredibly proud heart mom!

People tell me all the time how amazing Daniel and I  are as parents, and how they "don't know how [we] do it." In reality, yes, we're a STRONG heart family, but we're simply doing what any loving parents would do in our situation. We've been given no other choice. I'm starting to believe that God made Quinn's heart special because He knew we'd do everything in our power to take care of it. And we do.

As I sit here watching my little tribe sleep, I'm quickly reminded just how blessed we are. Some heart babies know nothing outside of the hospital walls around them, and mine is sleeping peacefully in her own bassinet. Some require oxygen and pacemakers and feeding tubes, and my baby requires none of those things. Some heart babies never make it out of the hospital, and my heart baby is practically flourishing. It's humbling, to say the least. 

Quinn's Glenn procedure is mere weeks away. Am I mentally prepared? No way. Am I ready to get it over with? Absolutely. Was it disheartening to learn that her surgery will likely fall painfully close to my birthday? Of course. But, that's life. Terrifying, unpredictable, and downright painful sometimes. Go ahead and ask me if she's worth all of it...




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