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Posted 2019-06-07T20:52:01Z

Four months post surgery

Hello all,

A little update. I started working again on the 10th of May. I hit the floor running because almost every shift I had was very busy and I was working some day and mid shifts I had never worked before, so that was new. I was loving the 8 hour shifts too for the first three weeks. Everyone was super helpful, kind and welcoming to me. I started my first 12 hour shift on Tuesday and am about to head in for my second 12 hour shift. I was pretty tired, especially because I worked a night shift on Tuesday and again it was pretty busy. The Lord really helped me and I worked with really great people :) I'm very thankful I'm able to work casually/Per Diem and am working mostly two shifts a week. 

In between me doing 8 hour and 12 hour shifts, Stephen and I went away for 10 days. First to Albuquerque (ABQ) NM to visit with Philip (Stephen's brother) and his wife Alyson. We had a lovely time with them before heading to Colorado for a church camp Stephen grew up going to at the beautiful Horn Creek. It was lovely to be with most of Stephens family (although we really missed Evelyn and Scott) and my sister Charity and her family and so many friends, new and old. I went on a 7 mile hike in ABQ then another 5 mile hike in Colorado. That may not sound like a lot, but at 5000 feet then 92000 feet elevation, that is HARD work! I met many people who had been praying for me and that was such a encouragement, as were Jared Olivetti's talks. He spoke from the General Epistles on "A Church for the Last Days: Living Together in the Light of Jesus' Return." I especially loved the reminder to live like Jesus is coming back, because HE IS! And was challenged to think about giving honor to the poor. 

We came back just in time to go to our churches particularization service and party afterwards. God has been so faithful to our church, Christ Central, and we're so excited to be apart of it. 
We're looking forward to many adventures this summer; a church camping trip, traveling around the states a little to visit with family in July and August, and hopefully to Germany for a work trip with Stephen in September. We're also getting ready to farewell some of our best friends here, Zach and Ally. Zach and Stephen came to grad school at the same time and roomed together. Ally came a year later and they were some of my first friends when I came to visit Stephen in December 2016. After I moved here in July 2017 we prayed with them almost every week for over a year. They got married a year after us. Ally was the third person I told about my brain tumor and they were both a massive support, practically and emotionally to us before and after my surgery. We're very sad to see them leave but have loved the time we've had with them. We're also saying goodbye to another dear family in our church this Sunday. But I'm trying to remember that the hello's are worth the goodbyes. 

I had another MRI on Wednesday. Because of the neck pain I was having before surgery, Dr Abrams decided to do a neck MRI along with my normal brain one. It wasn't very fun laying still for so long, but, you gotta do what you gotta do. I will see her next week to find out the results. All being well with this MRI and my September MRI I will be able to go longer than three months between MRI's, which I'm excited about. Stephen and I also go my hospital bill when we got back from Colorado and Praise the Lord the insurance paid a lot more than we were expecting! 

Wednesday I took down my wall of encouragement. It really has been such a source of encouragement these past four months. I've kept all of the notes, drawings and posters and put them into "my brain tumor memory box". It was very special looking back through a lot of the notes and being reminded of Gods faithfulness to me. My sister Charity wrote "may we both be changed because of this week, to never forget how God intervened and to never doubt that he can intervene in the big and small things in our lives." Amen sister! A great reminder!

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Comments (5)

  • Jan Buchanan
    Jan Buchanan

    Thanks for the update, Tamara. I have been thinking you must be back at work and was wondering how it was going. It's really encouraging to hear how well you are doing. Praise God!

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Marcia Blackwood
    Marcia Blackwood

    It is so encouraging to hear you are doing so well. I'm glad you got to go to horn creek and Charity's family went too. Jerad's messages are most encouraging--I often hear him on sermon audio. Sounds like you are keeping very busy--We will be praying for your strength and stamina in those 12-hour shifts. We love you two!

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Charity Mann
    Charity Mann

    So happy I could see you and that God is giving you such strength in all you have to do! Thanks for reminding me of that reminder. :) I have already been forgetting that truth! Love you much! Praise God for his mercy in answering our prayers beyond what we could ask or imagine!

    10 months ago · Reply
  • Maria Blackwood
    Maria Blackwood

    Such a great update sister! Good to hear how God continues to care for you. I loved what charity wrote to you, good to be reminded about that

    9 months ago · Reply
  • Ann O'Neill
    Ann O'Neill

    Very encouraging update. I am thankful that you can work, and hike, and travel, and get valuable encouragement from your wise sister, Charity, who I love!

    9 months ago · Reply