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Prepare to Meet Thy God

After 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, what's left of the Israelites finally made it to the Promised Land--the land of milk and honey promised to their forefathers--to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Centuries later, the only begotten Son of God was reduced to a zygote in a virgin's womb to fulfill the promise made to Adam and Eve in Eden. He lived just like us and was tempted at all points, yet without sin. He was the unblemished sacrificial Lamb who took away our guilt and shame. Abraham must have understood this when God provided a ram as a sacrifice instead of his only son. This gift of love, which broke the Father's heart, was completed 2000 years ago. What are we doing at present to prepare ourselves and others to enter the heavenly Canaan? The signs prior to His second coming are upon us. Worship God and keep His commandments, and teach others to do the same.