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Lisa's Journey

A great site to show our support for Lisa and the Quaglio family as Lisa battles breast cancer.

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Final decisions on surgery

After meeting with plastic surgeons and then meeting with the oncology surgeon today, a lumpectomy isn't going to work so I will be heading into surgery on November 6 for a double mastectomy.  The GREAT news is that the spots in the left breast have almost completely disappeared.  The spot on the sternum also hasn't changed.  The worry there was that if it shrunk it was cancer and responded to the chemo; if it grew it was cancer and it didn't respond to the chemo.  It stayed the same so now it's possible that it isn't cancer.  Great news! I've been told we will be watching the spot on the sternum with MRI's every 6 months for 5 - 10 years since it is too small to biopsy without a false negative or false positive, just to make sure it doesn't change.

Back to surgery: It is scheduled for November 6 and my recovery will probably be between 6 - 8 weeks.  It will depend on what they find when they get in there and how my fibromyalgia responds after surgery. I will spend the first night in the hospital and then Marc will be taking care of me the first week. I may need help the following weeks with my care and dr. appts.  I'll let people know as time gets closer. 

Thank you to all who have helped by cleaning our house, bringing us groceries, gifts or meals and for the prayers that have come our way.  I sooo appreciate the support that we've had throughout this whole process. I couldn't have done this without ALL of you!

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