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Rebecca's Story

Five years and counting...a metastatic breast cancer journey

Latest journal entry

6/27/17 - update

Rebecca did well and is now in recovery.  She is clear to go home tonight and will have a home health care worker at the house during the first week.  The nurse will make sure Rebecca is healing properly, do the first drain and teach Taylor and I how to use the Pleurx catheter.

The doctor who did most of her past thoracentesis procedures also did the surgery today.  He mentioned that Rebecca has had a 25% reduction in fluid over the past week and a half .  They drained a liter today after 12 days, which is less than the liter every week they pulled over the last 2 months.  We are all (pulminolgist included) choosing to accept it as a positive sign with hope the fluid will continue to slow and the catheter will make Rebecca more comfortable as the chemo takes time to do its job.

Thank you for the support and kind words, it really does make these difficult days easier.

Love Rebecca, Taylor and Chris