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Rebecca's Story

Four years and counting...a metastatic breast cancer journey

Latest journal entry

Update 2/17/17

After much thought and with advice from our oncology team, Rebecca has decided to avoid chemo until it is the only option. Rebecca will try a "gap" medicine, an Aromatase inhibitor similar to the treatments she has tried before.  The goal of this medicine is to bridge the gap of time before new clinical trial options open for acceptance in April.

Rebecca has been placed and approved to start the acceptance process for several clinical trials opening in April.  The beauty of MD Anderson is they were already placing Rebecca into upcoming trials as we were receiving news the current trial was no longer helping.  We had already heard from the clinical trial manager and doctor from the new trials before we entered our UBER car back to the airport on Tuesday.

Rebecca was given 2 options - 1. Chemo and 2. Gap drug and new clinical trial.  Once again Rebecca chose hope.  Rebecca's oncologist encouraged us to avoid chemo as long as it is possible  

The upcoming trials include combinations of a newer breast cancer drug called Ibrance in combination with 2nd and 3rd level Aromatase inhibitors.  If the "gap" drug is successful we will stick with it until it's effects diminish at which time we will immediately begin the new trial.  The trials Rebecca qualified for are hosted by MD Anderson and we will once again be traveling to Houston every 14 days for several months beginning in April or when the gap drug loses its effectiveness.  

As always, thank you for the love and support. We will keep you posted as things develop.