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Renee's recovery and fight against Cancer

Many of you have known Renee Allen+Floyd for many years. Our dear friend has been silently battling breast cancer. She found out that she has stage II B breast cancer [...] read more

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Posted 2013-07-26T04:16:11Z

Words from Renee

Dear Friends and Family,

I found out that had breast cancer by chance and the grace of God.  I was at home sick for over a week. My family told me to make an appointment with my doctor.  So in the morning I called Kaiser.  While I was getting dressed I remembered to do a self breast examination. My left breast was fine but my right breast  had a lump.  I asked my doctor about setting up additional appointment for mammogram and when this happened they went full charge ahead. 

About three weeks later, it was confirmed that I did have breast cancer.  But it was not the same breast cancer that killed my mother.  My mother had stage 4 B that included all her lump nodes.  I was diagnosed with stage II B breast cancer that was invasive in the milk ducts.  It is not in the lump-nodes, skin or chest wall.  They stated that I caught it early.  But they are recommending a strong course of treatment.  I have 8 rounds of chemo and about 30 days of radiation that I still need to do.  I asked for a double mastectomy because I do not want to go thought this again.  I was told that I have reduced my chances but nothing is guaranteed when dealing with cancer. 

I'm going for genetic counseling to check to see if I have genes for other cancers.  I want every one to know that I can feel your love and support every day.  I'm so blessed with all the love around me that I cry sometimes thinking about it.  



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