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This is where I can keep everyone updated on Richelle, she needs support but also needs rest and this time is critical. Please follow this page for information.

Latest journal entry

Richelle is being released to heal!!!!

Tomorrow Richelle is being released to let her injuries heal over the next 6-8 weeks before she can begin her physical therapy! This is great news! I am so proud of her!! She is so strong! She will be in a wheel chair for these 6-8 weeks but it will be nice for her to get out and see the world after her 2 and a 1/2 week hospital stay!!! GO RICHELLE!!! When Richelle was first brought home from St Joseph when she was born, she was in her stroller in the kitchen. I was being an annoying big brother and grabbed the stroller and starting zooming her around the kitchen while I shouted "hello little baby, lets go for a ride!" I will get to relive this moment again! Ready sis???? Love you

-Brent Gonzalez

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