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Richelle Gonzalez - Journal

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Posted 2014-10-08T00:38:59Z

Richelle is being released to heal!!!!

Tomorrow Richelle is being released to let her injuries heal over the next 6-8 weeks before she can begin her physical therapy! This is great news! I am so proud of her!! She is so strong! She will be in a wheel chair for these 6-8 weeks but it will be nice for her to get out and see the world after her 2 and a 1/2 week hospital stay!!! GO RICHELLE!!! When Richelle was first brought home from St Joseph when she was born, she was in her stroller in the kitchen. I was being an annoying big brother and grabbed the stroller and starting zooming her around the kitchen while I shouted "hello little baby, lets go for a ride!" I will get to relive this moment again! Ready sis???? Love you[...]

Posted 2014-10-05T03:59:07Z

Moved to South Surgical Care Tower

Richelle is very happy as are we, she has been moved to the South Surgical Tower, the 9th floor room number 9417. She has a private room and she is very happy. Her knee is quite painful since when they got in there it was a lot more complicated than they thought. She is being strong. Thank you everyone for your support.[...]

Posted 2014-10-01T19:48:27Z

Knee Sugery Sucess!!!!!

Richelle had her surgery to repair her left knee today. It was a complicated case, but the surgeons said very proudly that "they smoked it!" meaning it went extremely well for how severe it was. My friend in the unit confirmed the overall success of the surgery. If it wasn't for her hip fractures the surgeon said they would have "outpatiented" her today, so we are getting closer to having her home!!! She was a trooper! She is in good spirits after the surgery and we are so happy she is done with surgeries all together. Now its on to healing, wheelchair training and physical therapy!! THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR OVERWHELMING SUPPORT!.[...]

Posted 2014-09-28T21:21:31Z

Tibia Surgery Monday (No Visitors on this day please and thank you)

Richelle will under go her first surgery tomorrow on her broken tibia. Send good vibes her way, she needs us all to wish her well. She has the best possible hand picked team. They will also be running a camera in her left knee to see the damage on the ACL. We will know more on that after they are done. I will keep you all posted. She will be moving out of the north tower as well to the south surgical tower and she will stay there for continuing rehabilitation. The love and support has been amazing, thank you all so so much.[...]

Posted 2014-09-24T21:06:34Z

Out of the woods and able to eat

Richelle has been moved and able to eat. She is so so excited she's loving the sushi and the menu. We are so happy she made it through the worst. This is great great news everyone!!! She has a kindle so she can communicate on Facebook and has a phone. Her cell phone will be here in a couple days which she will be allowed to have in the room. This is a great day for her.[...]

Posted 2014-09-23T22:12:44Z

ACL Surgery

Richelles ACL is torn which was discovered today, we are so very lucky that a personal friend of mine of 16 years is in the ortho department and has requested that her team (the best ortho at beaumont) has requested and will be the team to be on all her ortho surgeries, when the time for surgery comes. Thank you so much Rachel Nelson for this I am so happy to know you will be there as her surgical technician along with your amazing surgical teammates. And thank you for helping getting Richelle a bed in the trauma unit at Beaumont all together. What an amazing friend you are! thank you thank you thank you![...]

Posted 2014-09-23T16:13:54Z


Richelles liver is stabilizing she is being moved from SICU, this is great news everyone! She still has a lot with the broken pelvis, broken right leg, broken left knee cap, neck and so forth but her tear in her liver will heal since we all know ifs a very resilient organ. When she is moved to a less critical liver after an MRI, she was discharged from neurology her head is going to be ok. Visitor updates to come since she will be allowed more visitation once she is taken out of SICU. This is great news.[...]