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Karie Scofield Karie Scofield

So happy to see you're almost homeward bound!! You're such a strong spirit and I'm sending all the best wishes to you. You are amazing and so loved, it's beautiful! Way to kick ass, girl!

kelly lewis kelly lewis

Everything's gonna be alright. Rockabye

Laurie DuFour Laurie DuFour

Thinking of you daily. I just wanted to write you to encourage you to stay strong and to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Colleen Delie Colleen Delie

Sending positive happy energy your way…..If there is anything I can do please let me know…..You truly are an amazing, beautiful person inside and out……


Carol Finn Carol Finn

Richelle - We all miss your beautiful smile and I am counting the minutes until you return to work. Please ask for anything you may need or want to help you during your recovery. I am sending positive thoughts and energy your way. Hugs!!!!

Christina Hudkins Christina Hudkins

Thinking of you Richelle, everyday. Glad to hear your doing better! You have such a good soul and I know with your great spirit will get you well very soon. Debi and I will have a bowl of mints and Chocolate's with your name on it in our office when you come back to work!

Hilary Carress Hilary Carress

My dear girl, my soumate.... you are so loved! So lucky to call you my best friend, my "beautiful artifact" ;-) I'm watching jeopardy, I'll write down all the final questions for you. I'll see your beautiful face tomorrow. It's so weird not seeing you everyday :( I'll bring you up a good pen too

Kate Hooper Kate Hooper

Richelle, you are one of the most powerful and inspiring women I have ever met. I am terribly sorry to hear of your accident and I am sending you strong positive vibes on your road to recovery. All the love in the world, Kate Hooper

George/Julie Rose George/Julie Rose

Dear Richelle, I will pray for you as much as possible every day!!! My heart hurts for you and your family!

Rachel Vick Rachel Vick

I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I don't know what to do or say, but I consider myself one lucky lady to call you a friend. You're such an amazing human and I am so looking forward to seeing you well. You're very, very loved. Wishing you the best.

Shannon Irwin Shannon Irwin


You're an incredibly beautiful, strong, determined woman. I know you can get through this. I'm praying for you and your entire family. Im sick over this. I don't want to believe that you're in all of this pain. I love you and stay strong!

Caitlyn Trojan Caitlyn Trojan

Richelle your such a strong women mentally and physically. I live over an hour away, but if you need someone to talk to, play online games with, or Skype I am here. Keep holding on. Visualize health, manifest healing. Stay surrounded by love. I love you!

Karie Scofield Karie Scofield

I know you can get through this, through anything, because you are beautifully resilient, strong and positive. Not to mention, the incredible love in your life. So many have you in their thoughts, my dear. I'm sending all the positive vibes your way!!

Heart and a hopefully swift recovery ❤

Katie Belliotti Katie Belliotti

Richelle, you are one of the sweetest girls I know with a genuinely beautiful soul. I am praying for you and rooting for you all the way. May your healing be as painless and quick as possible. Stay strong. Everyone loves you and wishes you the best.

Jamie Harris Jamie Harris


I am sending you all of my love and positive thoughts. I also want to let you know that I am here if you need ANYTHING. I work right across the street from Beaumont so if at any point in your day you want a visitor, or need something,anything, please don't hesitate to get a hold of me! You are so loved, and so strong. Get better soon! I love you and I am thinking about you always