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Rick’s Transplant Journey

Follow Rick’s progress and prayer requests as well as get information on how to get tested to be a kidney donor.

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Rick’s Current Health Status

For family and friends following Rick’s health status, he is currently at stage 5 kidney disease, or advanced kidney disease. That means dialysis is imminent and he qualifies for a kidney transplant.

Rick has one more doctor’s appointment next week, and he will be officially on the list for a disceased kidney donor.  There are currently around 100,000 people on this donation list. This can take anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

A living kidney donor greatly increases Rick’s odds of getting a kidney. If a family or friend is willing to donate a kidney, and is a match, surgery can be scheduled as soon as all the testing has been completed and it works with the donor and recipient’s schedules. This is very beneficial as the wait is greatly reduced, and the surgery can be planned In advance.

Rick is currently in the process of starting dialysis. He will be receiving peritoneal dialysis, as this type of dialysis gives him the ability to continue working and live a mostly normal life during the daytime.  If you are interested in learning more about this kind of dialysis, you can click here:

Rick had a catheter successfully inserted into his stomach last Friday. He will go in for a check up to ensure it is healing properly on Friday and will then begin training on how to use the dialysis machine at home. 

He is currently struggling with vitamin deficiencies, restless leg syndrome and a lack of rest due to this. 

You can help by praying for quick healing of the catheter site, quick understanding of how to use the peritoneal dialysis machine at home, for rest every night and for the training to be completed before he needs an emergency dialysis treatment.

If you wish to be tested to see if you are a donation match, please see the kidney donation journal entry from March 15.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. 


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