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As I sit here writing my first entry of my brothers diagnosis I am taken aback by the parallels of what is happening at this very moment. While life is screaming at me "your brother is really sick!" my phone is ringing with a buyer who wants to know if we have "confirmation " their new home has recorded and when can they get their keys?

Went to the kidney specialist here in Henderson this afternoon to get a second opinion about Ricky having to go on dialysis.I said a prayer and just knew they would say no worries here is A,B,C  of what we need to do to get him back on track. Ignoring the fact of how tired I thought he looked. Not to be. The Dr. Came in and made small talk about Rik's red shoes.Then came confirmation # 1 of the day.. Dialysis will be inevitable he said. Need to get the fistula implanted as soon as possible.

Fistula-Before beginning hemodialysis treatment, a person needs an access to their bloodstream, called a vascular access. The access allows the patient’s blood to travel to and from the dialysis machine at a large volume and high speed so that toxins, waste and extra fluid can be removed from the body.

Questions , I needed more answers but could not think of the questions. So here I sit. Not really able to think much at all. Seeing my brother shake as he tries to put on a "brave " face for us . No need brother we have your back..I was prepared to write this long courageous intent of call to action but all I can do it sit . No words no actions no answers . Need time to decipher this all. Type more later.. There goes the phone.. Confirmation # 2 yes your house has recorded and I will put on my brave face and take you your keys.. Is there a limit on how many times one can use their brave face?


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