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Rita's Journey: Footprints in the Sand

Rita has been listed on the National Heart Transplant list. This site provides the opportunity for family & friends to follow her journey. By communicating through thi[...] read more

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Rough days...

Rita has not felt well at all, battling constant nausea and eating little.  Also, a terrible nagging cough that has left her so exhausted from little sleep, as well as leaving her with a very sore rib cage.  Altering her meds did little to help.  After completing a CT scan today, her physicians discovered that she has pneumonia and pleural effusion in her left lung.  Her right lung appears clear at this time.  Fortunately, being hospitalized at Mayo, she can be monitored constantly where sudden medical changes can be caught early and treated with the appropriate IV antibiotics and other meds.  Unfortunately, due to this recent health change, Rita will be moved to the bottom of the Heart Transplant list until she has overcome this infection.  Keep your positive thoughts coming!  Rita so appreciates your comments, thoughts and prayers.  Thank you!


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