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Rita's Journey: Footprints in the Sand

Rita has been listed on the National Heart Transplant list. This site provides the opportunity for family & friends to follow her journey. By communicating through thi[...] read more

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Home at Last....

After six months of residing at Mayo in Jacksonville, Rita is thrilled to have been released to return home!!  She arrived at Blue Grass Airport and was greeted by her family...lots of tears, and excitement, as well!  Before leaving Jacksonville, Rita, Rob and Jaime went out for a celebration dinner...recognizing Rita's achievements not only in the successful heart transplant, but in her dedication and success in completing her initial rehab early at Mayo. She will continue cardiac rehab at UK in Lexington, but return to Mayo for regular heart biopsies and any other necessary assessments and checkups.  Everyday that passes she will become more familiar with her "new normal" and make the necessary adjustments.  She will deal with fatigue during her early days at home, adjusting to life without the support of Mayo staff and a constant caregiver.   Rita looks forward to gradually catching up with family and friends.  However, initially she will not be quite ready for visitors.  Please be patient. I know you are eager to see Rita and she certainly wants to see you!  Give her some time and please call before stopping by the house.  

Again, let me say how much we have appreciated everyones ongoing kind words and support during these last 6-7 months.  They truly provided Rita with the encouragement needed to face this incredible journey.  Bless you all!


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