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Linda Renfrow Linda Renfrow

Happy Easter Rita! Praying recovery is still going great and you are feeling stronger each day❤️

Pam Young Pam Young

Just wanted to send a big hug on this joyful Easter day! Love ya cuz!

Donna Setters Donna Setters

Happy Easter to you Rita!! Hoping you're feeling well today and that you and Rob are finding some nice places to move into when they shut down Mayo Inn. Saw Eric's report and it's so encouraging!! Love you!!

Jerome Whitaker Jerome Whitaker

Just checking in cuz. Know you are in the palm of HIS hand but you are still the apple of my eye. Luv ya!!!

Jennifer Bailiff Jennifer Bailiff

Oh, Rita, we are so happy and thankful to see you rolling down the hallway with that beautiful smile and healthy, pink color on your face! We celebrate His loving kindness and marvel at the healing work of our Great Physician.
Sending love and warmest wishes,
Jennifer and Janet Bailiff

Jackie Bailiff Jackie Bailiff

YAY Rita! This is the best news! I am so happy to see the photos of you leaving the clinic and on your way to the Inn. I can’t even begin to know the joy you must be feeling. Ray and I will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers each day as you begin this next phase of your journey. Love and hugs Rita!

Jennifer Bailiff Jennifer Bailiff

Rita, I ran into Eric at Kroger this evening, and we had a nice chat. He was literally smiling from ear to ear as he talked about the day you received your new heart and his plans to fly to Florida to see you on Saturday. You and Rob have certainly done a terrific job raising such a loving, kind and polite young man. He loves you very, very much, my friend!
Still praying and thinking of you often,
Jennifer Bailiff

Amy Stewart Amy Stewart

So excited to hear that you are doing so well! God is Great!! You look so wonderful! Praying that you will soon be home and back to your normal routine. Continued prayers for you and Rob and the boys. Keep up the good work.
Amy Stewart

Diana Rolph Diana Rolph

Praise GOD!! I have missed your smile~ OH how sweet to trust in JESUS.
Today's quote from Jesus Calling:
Rest in my Presence, allowing Our Father to take charge as he directs our course one step at a time! A grateful heart protects us from negative thinking, and thankfulness enables us to see the abundance showered upon us daily. In everything give thanks, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus 1Thess 5:18

Continuing prayers and Praise!

Bill Crawford Bill Crawford

Rita, Our prayers continue for you as you are on my mind all the time. Eric is so excited about how well you are doing. He is keeping us all updated about your status. I feel like I am right there with you. The choir is praying for God's hand to rest on you and for His peace to remain as you continue to heal. Seeing your picture with your huge smile brings joy to me. I am so very thankful for the updates on this website.

Sharon Renfrow Maguire Roach Sharon Renfrow Maguire Roach

Hi Rita!
I have been following all the posts and have been thinking about you a lot! You were such a big part of my life growing up and I loved spending those weeks with you in the summer! It was always so much fun! I am so happy you are doing well and pray you continue! I want you to know how much I love sweet cousin!


Jennifer Bailiff Jennifer Bailiff

I'm so happy to see that big smile again, Rita! God loves you, and so do I.
Janet Bailiff

Pam Redman Pam Redman

Wow! Wow! Wow! A huge PRAISE THE LORD!!!!
Rita, this bring back so many memories of John’s open heart surgery last year! Those chest tubes were MISERABLE. John couldn’t get comfortable until they were out, so I am glad you are finally rid of yours. PLEASE, please, please continue to use your incentive spirometer EVERY HOUR (while awake) .....EVEN IF NO MEDICAL STAFF MEMBER REMINDS YOU!!!! John said “PLEASE TELL HER: the incentive spirometer will be her best friend. “ “Use it competitively & keep trying to get it higher and higher.” He speaks from experience as he did not listen to this advice despite my coaching and ended up needing TWO thoracenteses post operatively. There SHOULD be a flow sheet for this, but there isn't, so I made one for him is THAT important. What are your best numbers on yours? If you don’t have one, ask for it because it is a huge oversight if you don’t have one.
We love you & are rooting for your full recovery! (BTW, John has a heart pillow just like yours!)
Hugs & kisses & prayers from those of us you rarely see, but who love you just the same.

Pam Baker-Redman & John (who would love to meet you some day)

Kim Morgan Kim Morgan

Your beautiful face and smile in these photos made my day! I’m so thankful to God for your life! God is so good!

Sundra Gale Haney Sundra Gale Haney

Love you Rita! ❤️Your beautiful smile is a joy to behold! God is so good to preserve you. Soon you will be home 😍.